Colin McDougall – Australian film location manager based in Sydney.

Colin McDougall

Colin is one of Australia’s leading location professionals with a wide range of experience in large and small productions, working from the city beaches of Sydney and hidden lanes of Melbourne, to the remote corners of Central Australia and Kakadu:

I’ve always been driven to find out what is around the next bend – just to see what’s over the next hill … my experience is that quite often it is spectacular!

 I love the creative challenge of finding solid location options for a director and designer … while ensuring any options are feasible and workable for all the various aspects of the production

I worked for more than a decade as a landscape designer working with some of Sydney’s leading Landscape Architect and Architectural practices.  Looking for a wider challenge, I went back to university to study land resource management and ended up spending the next decade in the land management field working for a government agency.

Having had quite enough of the politics in this workplace I took a year sabbatical and traveled overseas with my wife.  On return to Australia I started working in film and TV and have enjoyed every minute since.